Written by Alexa Rosa

heat rises and I'm on fire
burning from the inside
afraid of touching you
burning you
turning your love to ash

A Love
                                                            Written by Alexa Rosa

there is a love
a love so sweet
a love that covers me
a love that heals me
a love that brings me to my feet

                                                          Written by Alexa Rosa

with new skin
I reemerge
a new person
same values
with new purpose

If I Stay

                                        Written by Alexa Rosa

If I stay
we will only drown
you don't panic
with me
you strangle me
and I'm left
without a breathe

                                                           Written by Alexa Rosa

a fallen branch
no roots to grow
to wither away
on my own

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                                                            written by Alexa Rosa

There is this love
so pure
so lovely
stitched in my heart

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Poetic Scene

                                                       written by Alexa Rosa
intertwined feelings
alike thoughts
honesty-filled friendship
a willingness to go on
opening your senses
the nostrils flare
inhale deeply
I fall asleep in your self-conscious
you in mine
how time melts away
I’m left exhausted
but not tired

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